11 Cold Brew Coffee Tips

Well, it is summer and after a long week you finally have some time to actually relax a little and drink your Weaver's Coffee without racing out the door.  Our customers love our cold brew coffee in our Flagship at 2301 Market Street in San Francisco, California and in our Cafe attached to our Roastery at 40 Louise Street in San Rafael, California. Being a San Francisco Bay Coffee Roaster has its challenges, but what we love more than cold brew coffee is our customer's reaction upon tasting our cold brew coffee for the very first time.  So, if you have a few free minutes, take the time to whip up a little cold brew coffee to get you through the hot summer days. This guide will help take your cold brew coffee to the next level.  We also have a full set of instructions for Cold Coffee here. Might want to make a couple of trays of Coffee Ice Cubes as well.

  1. Use a really coarse grind so your cold brew isn’t cloudy. 
  2. Use a 4 to 1 ration of coffee to water.
  3. Use filtered water.
  4. If you want more complex flavors use a medium roast coffee.
  5. If the coffee is too smooth for you use the Hot Bloom Method which will bring forth more of the complex flavors. This means, use just enough boiling water to soak your coarse ground coffee. The rest of the water should be cooling in the refrigerator. 
  6. Make sure all the grounds are moistened by stirring. Let it sit until the coffee grinds are layered to the top and do a second stir.
  7. If you refrigerate the cold brew it slows the process down. Play with the timing: anywhere from 12 to 24 hours to find your preferred intensity.
  8. Filter the grinds with a French Press and then run the cold brew coffee through a paper filter to remove the rest of the sediment.
  9. You can also filter through a cheesecloth set in a fine mesh strainer. Slowly pour the cold brew coffee through the filter, don’t force it. Stop before you reach the cold brew coffee solids at the bottom for increased clarity.
  10. Dilute cold brew coffee to desired taste.
  11. Try a pinch salt in your cold brew coffee. (Chef Dan Souza)








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