Aged Himalayan Nepal Coffee

by Angelica Galland January 27, 2017

Aged Himalayan Nepal Coffee


Nepal is a land-locked country boarding China in the North and India in the South, West and East.  Nepal is a democratic country, with an incredible diversity in land, languages, cultures, customs and people. 
coffee regions in Nepal

The geography ranges from fertile plains to subalpine, forested hills, and features eight of the world's ten tallest mountains, including Mount Everest. This is the highest point on Earth and is a pious place for Buddhist pilgrims because it is the birthplace of Lord Buddha, "The Light of Asia". 

In 1938, a hermit Mr Hira Giri bought some coffee seeds from the Sindu Province of Myanmar and planted them in Aapchour of Gulmi District. Coffee plantations then spread, because farmers found an interest in cultivating the coffee trees.

nepal coffee farmer

Nepal coffee is grown in one of the highest elevations in the world. The majority of coffee producers are resource poor smallholder farmers. The coffee is predominantly planted in Upland Area. It’s planting does not disturb the existing cropping system and is usually found on steep hillsides.

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Angelica Galland
Angelica Galland


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