De-Haze the Holi-daze Pairings

Coffee and Tea for the Holidays - Keep Calm Drink Coffee

Everyone loves a good pairing suggestion: wine & cheese, dessert wine and dessert. So we’ve decided to put together some pairings. These are guaranteed to make you laugh.

De-Haze the Holi-daze Pairings

Missed My Flight: Chamomile Blossom Herbal Tea

“Chamomile flowers are known throughout the world for their calming properties.” Calming and caffeine free - (for the red eye you will be taking later in the evening)



The dog ate the turkey: Masala Chai Tea

Warming spices of cinnamon, ginger, cardamom, and allspice, to match the heat of the internal fuming taking place as you scoop up the feast, which is destroyed and strewn across the hardwood floors.  Spicy, and smooth with a bit of a bite. 



Honey, my parents just landed. Please, pick them up from the airport: Espresso Blend Coffee

Enough said.


Survived Thanksgiving: French Roast Coffee

Deepest and darkest blend, complex taste profile to match the complexity of emotions the Holiday Season stirs up.  It will get you through Thanksgiving and the Holidays so you can still party on New Year’s Eve.  100% Fair Trade Certified Coffee so you win. 



The neighbors arrived unannounced: Original Blend Coffee

Sure to please every palate 100% Fair Trade Certified Coffee. They love you.


 Visiting in-laws, forgot to get them something: Gift of White Label Reserve Coffee

Thoughtful and fabulous, and of course it shows you really care. Plus, it gives you the option of keeping one bag for yourself, which is what you were thinking all along because you have to get through the Holidays too.