Teaching Students How to Make Espresso Drinks

Weaver's Coffee & Tea Barista - Logan teaching kids

Teaching Students How to Make Espresso Drinks


We received an email from Gary Freund asking to help at a local school:

"I hope that this email finds you well.  As you may recall, I Chair an Advisory Board for our SFUSD Academy of Hospitality, Tourism, and Food Service.  One of our six programs is culinary arts at Thurgood Marshall High School.  They have received an Espresso machine and would like to begin making coffee drinks for the faculty and staff at the school to raise a bit of money.  The only problem is that they need someone to spend about three hours at the school training the students.Is there any possibility that someone from your Weaver's Coffee & Tea Market Street Cafe might be able to spend some time at the school?  It would entail going to the classroom after 12 pm and working with 3 classes of about 15 students in each class.  They would also need to purchase some beans and other materials to begin the process.Any assistance or guidance would be greatly appreciated."

Weaver's Coffee & Tea decided to donate a five pound bag of Espresso Coffee Beans and sent Logan, one of our amazing Coffee Baristas, to teach the students at Thurgood Marshall High School.

Thank you, Logan and your wonderful and attentive students. Thank you Gary Freund and Elizabeth Quinones Gonzalez for bringing this team of educators together for a worthy cause.