Mom Send Money and Weaver's Coffee & Tea

Mom, send money and Weaver's Coffee & Tea

Two months into my freshman year of college and the campus is beautiful and it’s fall, so all the leaves have started to change color. It’s getting cold and everyone is bringing out sweaters. Yesterday, I received a care package from my mom. It had all the cozy fall essentials: my favorite coffee mug which I accidentally left at home, some homemade gingersnap cookies, coffee and chamomile tea from Weaver’s Coffee & Tea, one of my favorite coffee shops back home. This was the absolute best coffee gift from my mom.

Mom Send Money and Weaver's Coffee & Tea

So far I only have one complaint about school: the dining hall coffee tastes horrible. It is burnt, and it just doesn’t have the same taste as the coffee my mom serves at home. My mom sent me a bag of Weaver’s Original Blend Coffee, which will hopefully last me until Thanksgiving Break. The other day I let my roommate try some of the coffee I made and now she’s in love with Weaver’s Coffee too! It’s funny because whenever my mom would make coffee at home I never really thought much about it because it was the only brand of coffee we had in the house, we didn’t drink anything else. I always assumed that all coffee tasted as amazing as Weaver’s Coffee.

I actually had a really great conversation with this cute rock climber guy from the third floor earlier this week, and he told me that the really good coffee is often roasted by hand in small batches. He seemed to know a lot about fair trade certified coffee beans, coffee beans and espresso beans. I don’t know much about coffee, but I know my mom only buys fair trade certified coffee. So, I told him about Weaver’s Coffee & Tea and all the facts I learned when I toured the Roastery that’s right behind the coffee shop. I think I sounded like I knew what I was talking about because he seemed pretty excited and was super interested in visiting their Roastery. I told him about the bag of Weaver’s Original Blend Coffee that I just got, and I asked if he wanted to try it some time. He said yes!

Anyway, finals are only a few weeks away but people have already started flocking to the library. Last night I was in the library with my study group for four hours! It was a little less horrible by the fact that we found a spot on the couches by the fire. We have another session tonight and I think I’m going to wear my big cozy sweater and bring a couple of Weaver’s hydro flasks of mango black tea that I got in my care package from mom. If every night leading up to finals is going to be like this, I’ll need A LOT more tea, so she said she would send more right away. Thanks Mom!