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Gift of Two Single Origin Coffees

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Delicious Gift for Coffee Lover

They will say they loved the two best coffees you sent to them!  Here is how to order the coffee gift.  Select two coffees and then either whole bean coffee or a ground coffee.  Choose a gift bag color and we will add a handwritten note card letting them know this coffee gift was from you.

Perfect gourmet coffee gift for the coffee lover in your life!

More Info

Sumatran Coffee

Single Origin Coffee - Sumatran coffee is superb and captivating. This Sumatran coffee is one of the world's most complex single-origin coffees. Inherent subtle flavors are reminiscent of sweet pipe tobacco, woody-cedar undertones and a warm maple sweetness in the finish. 

This Fair Trade Certified coffee is earthy and smooth with a robust body.

Peruvian Coffee

Single Origin Coffee  - Peruvian coffee hails from the tall peaks of the Andes to the tropical forests of the Amazon Basin. Peruvian coffees are as distinct as their birthplace. Medium-bodied with a tangy fruit finish, our lively Peru has been hand-crafted to realize its complete flavor potential.

Featuring Fair Trade Certified beans, this incredible single-origin coffee supports the battle against social and environmental challenges.

Aged Tanzania Coffee

Single Origin Coffee - Our Aged Tanzania Tarime Coffee hails from the smallholding farms of the Tarime district located in the northern tip of Tanzania. This delicious coffee is handpicked, naturally, sun-dried and softened by the aging process.

Rare, mild bodied coffee with flavors of amiable citrus and tangerine overtones, coupled with dried fruit sweetness and bright acidity. Taste Tanzania, Taste Heaven.

Ethiopian Coffee

Single Origin Coffee -  From the "Land of Higher Peace", drink in the beauty of this coffee's origin.  Our farmers use a unique natural dry-process rather than the typical wet-process used in most equatorial growing regions. The whole coffee cherry is dried in the sun; then the surrounding skin, fruit layer, and parchment shell of each individual seed are removed.

Our delicious Ethiopian Coffee is sorted using a meticulous screen/density method that produces only excellent dry-processed coffee.

In the cup, this remarkable coffee boasts a deep, mocha bouquet with intense blueberry and marmalade fruit notes through to a clear, refined finish.

A wonderful gift for the coffee lover in your life!