Why Organic Coffee is Important

why organic coffee health benefits

Why is it important to drink Organic Coffee?

Weaver’s Coffee & Tea is my first choice for purchasing organic coffee beans or ground organic coffee because of its exquisite flavor profile and the fact that their organic coffees are known for being top quality Arabica coffee beans. Drinking organic coffee should be a major concern for the health conscious individual. The importance of organic food is well known, however, it is unfortunate that with the exceptionally large number of coffee consumers, the benefits of organic coffee are still not known to the majority of coffee drinkers.

So why is organic coffee important?

In order to appreciate the importance of organic coffee, we first need to understand what is wrong with cheaper coffee:

- Regular coffee is a crop, which is heavily treated with chemicals.

- Large areas of land are cleared in order to produce large amounts of coffee trees exposing them to sunlight all day long. This harms the coffee trees immune system making them more vulnerable to insects and pests. Insecticides and pesticides are then used to treat the coffee trees but, unfortunately, these chemicals end up in the coffee being consumed. The pesticides also disturb the ecosystem.

- Not only do these toxic chemicals harm coffee, they also harm everything they come into contact with such as water, coffee farmers, soil and other crops. Soil washes away, and with it go the natural nutrients, eventually eroding and degrading the soil so much that growth is almost impossible. The rainwater carries away not just the soil, but all of the chemicals it has been treated with, and both end up in local water supplies.

- Through production, large areas of rainforests are being wiped out gradually. This issue contributes greatly to global warming.

Fortunately, the downfalls of conventional coffee don’t mean that you have to give up drinking coffee altogether. Since coffee is known for having exclusive and superior benefits, it would be outrageous to give it up completely. However, now you can take those benefits to the next level by drinking organic coffee.

How is organic coffee unique?

- Since harsh chemicals are not used in the process of growing organic coffee, in contrast with regular coffee, none of the things that come into contact with the coffee farms are harmed by the chemical residue.

- Organic coffee beans are richer in healthful antioxidants, and many people can even taste the difference between organic coffee beans and conventional coffee beans.. 

- As mentioned above, constant, direct sunlight harms the crops’ immune system – most organic coffee is shade-grown.  This process is healthier for the crops and it also renders a much more aromatic flavor profile.

- Often coffee farmers who produce certified organic coffee are fair trade compliant which guarantees a higher pay rate to employees and a higher price per pound paid to the local coffee farmer.  This money stays in their local economy and helps to pay for a better life for farmer and their families.

- Finally, organic coffee helps you sleep at night. Maybe not literally, but supporting the environment by making better choices on a daily basis is our chance to contribute to a healthier earth.

There are many companies that provide coffee products but through my experience I have found that only a handful of companies, offer an exquisite selection of the best organic coffee on the market. If you love organic coffee, and want to taste our delicious organic blend espresso beans contact us at (800)-328-1178 or visit our website: https://weaverscoffee.com to buy best gourmet coffee online.






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