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Weaver's Coffee & Tea is passionate about two things: great coffee and social responsibility. That's why we hand-roast the best coffee and donate a percentage of our sales to three organizations: Dr. Susan Love Research Foundation, Black Girls Code, and SF AIDS Foundation.

We hand-roast 100% Arabica coffee beans from along the equatorial belt, where the ideal climate produces the most flavorful coffee cherries. We support Fair Trade Certified, which means that the farmers who grow our coffee beans are paid a fair price for their crops. Order your coffee today and taste the difference!

Who We Are

We are authentic coffee roasters from the San Francisco Bay, and we love what we do. Our Master Coffee Roaster has been roasting coffee since 1980. He worked side by side with Alfred Peet and Sal Bonavita as a roasting apprentice from 1980 to 1984. Weaver was then the Master Coffee Roaster at Peet's Coffee for 27 years, until he left Peet’s Coffee in 2007 to start our company with Renee Brown, Michael Brown, and Bryce Inouye.


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  • Fair Trade Certified


    The Fair Trade Certified™ seal represents thousands of products, improving millions of lives, protecting land and waterways in 63 countries and counting. Purchases have sent $830 million to farmers and workers since 1998.




"BUY THIS COFFEE! No matter how you prefer your coffee, drip, espresso, or pressed, this smooth, flavorful coffee this is the best!"

Carolyn M.

"An excellent cup of coffeeI'm enjoying this blend. Rich, subtle, and nicely balanced, I was having my daily cup of coffee without paying much attention when I suddenly sat-up and said, wow, this is really good. Supporting good causes and providing delicious sips, this would be a good everyday cup."

Jolyon W. Verified Buyer

"So good. A friend bought me a bag of beans as a thank you gift and this is the richest, smoothest coffee I have ever had."

Scott C. Verified Buyer

"We took a little under a hundred brands so people would know. I love this (coffee). This is among the smoothest has a wonderful aroma to it; the key to great coffee is aroma and taste"

Phil Lampert, NBC Today Show Taste Test

"Mocha Java is our fave but all are delicious-we travel around the world looking for the best coffee and always come back to Weavers. It is truly one of the best coffees in the world!"

Cheryl K. Verified Buyer

"Won the Today Show challenge for a reason! Coffee beans are still not as widespread as one would hope, so many coffees are underdeveloped in flavor. Not this one. I can see why the Today Show gave it the prize--it's wonderful."

Mark L. Verified Buyer


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