Coffee cherries, which contain the actual coffee bean, are produced by several species of evergreen bush of the genus Coffea, the two most common species of which are Robusta and Arabica.

Originating from Africa, primary coffee growing regions expanded along the equator or coffee bean belt. These coffee regions offer moderate sunshine and rain with steady subtropical temperatures and rich, porous soil. Primary coffee regions include Africa, Brazil, Vietnam, Indonesia, Columbia, Guatemala, and Mexico.


We start with only pure, 100% Arabica green coffee beans, selected from the finest coffee growing regions. The vast majority of our coffees are grown above an altitude of three thousand feet where the rich, volcanic soil produce a hearty and deep taste profile. Weaver's Coffee and its artisan hand-roasting yield a heavy-bodied, bold cup which highlights the inherent characteristics of each origin.




Through the careful manipulation of load size, time, temperature, and airflow, we hand-roast each batch of coffee beans to unlock the full, inherent potential that is unique to each coffee. Knowledge of coffee bean density is vital when roasting coffee, the softer the coffee bean, the gentler the coffee roasting process as opposed to a harder coffee bean which can be aggressively pushed in the roasting process. Understanding the difference, and manipulating the coffee roast by hand, is what we do, and it is the key difference between a master coffee roaster handcrafting your coffee and the enormous roasting machinery used by large coffee companies.



Blending coffee is an art in itself. The exact coffee bean combination of each blend is decided by first roasting the coffee to a specific origin, which we then mix with varied amounts of other roasted coffee. Methodically, we narrow it down to the perfect cup of coffee. We do this through cupping, a skill mastered through time and experience. Having cupped roughly two hundred coffees a day, John Weaver and his team of apprentice roasters, have the ability to commit these tastes and flavor profiles to memory. 


Weaver's Coffee Cupping




Cup Perfection‚ĄĘ begins with us but ultimately, it finishes with you. How you care for and prepare your coffee and tea once you get it home can dramatically affect its flavor. Here are some proven techniques we have learned and refined through experience.

We begin with premium green coffee beans selected from the finest coffee growing regions spanning the equator. Our Artisan Coffee Roast produces medium-bodied and heavy-bodied, bold coffees while enhancing inherent flavor. We then take every step necessary, including strict handling practices, to ensure that our fresh, hand roasted coffees are provided to you fresh off the coffee roaster.


Freshness is our commitment. Coffee is a highly perishable item; one that loses both its flavor and freshness over a very short period of time if not handled properly from the second the beans pour from the roaster. Our coffee is hand packaged in a custom, one way valve bag and sealed within minutes. Fresh roasted coffee out gases CO2 for hours after leaving the roaster. This process forces most of, if not all, the residual oxygen (the primary enemy of roasted coffee) out of the bag. Speed is important because the coffee began oxidizing the moment it left the roaster and has already begun its attack on the fragile flavors. 


Start with fresh, filtered or bottled water.


Measure 2 Tbsp. (10g) of ground coffee per each 6 fl oz (180ml) of water. Adjust the strength by adding hot water.


Our favorite, and the way we drink all our coffee, is with a French Press.  The French Press produces the best cup of coffee. There are many different models and brands to choose from at retail. There are single-serve French Presses available, and others that can serve up to twelve cups at a time. The grind size for French Press brew is our coarsest grind. If you are a "home-grinder" please keep this in mind when grinding for your own French Press.


Weaver's Coffee makes excellent Espresso. There is a wide variety of makes and models of different Espresso machines available today. We recommend you shop around to find the espresso machine that you will be the most comfortable using on a regular basis. Espresso is the finest grind we offer.


We recommend only brewing the amount of coffee you plan to serve using stainless steel or gold filter cones. Paper filters produce trace flavors that will taint your coffee's pure flavor. If you're using an automatic brewer, be sure to turn off the machine as soon as it is done brewing or your coffee will continue to cook from the heat of the warming element burning the coffee within minutes.


Once opened, store Weaver's Coffee for up to one week in an airtight container and keep in a cool dry place. If you plan to keep Weaver's Coffee longer than two weeks after purchase, we recommend that you freeze it upon arrival. Whole Bean coffee also stays fresh longer so we recommend that you grind your own beans just prior to brewing. Storage information.