Single Serve Coffee

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Single Serve Coffee 

Weaver's Single Serve Coffee that is compostable, sustainable and easy to use. 

Convenient way to enjoy a delicious cup of coffee. The coffee is made with fresh, roasted beans that are ground and placed in compostable single-serve bags. Instructions: Hot Coffee: Boil water, wait 30 seconds, place bag of coffee into mug, pour hot water onto bag and steep for 5 minutes or more. Cold Brew Coffee: Place two bags of coffee into a 16oz container with room temperature spring water, steep for 18 hours and you have cold brew.

Chris from Medford, OR "I just had a cup of the Weaver's Single Serve French Roast Coffee and it was incredible. Simple, easy and delicious. How do I buy it online?"

Dr. Ken from San Francisco, CA "Wow, this is really good coffee. I love it. Can we get this for my office?"

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