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Single Serve Coffee - Weaver's Steeped Coffee

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Single Serve Coffee - Weaver's Steeped Coffee

Weaver's Single Serve Steeped Coffee is easy to use, delicious, good for you and the environment. Open the biodegradable package, place the bag of fresh roasted coffee into a mug, add 8 ounces of hot water and let it steep for three to four minutes. Voila!  Delicious cup of Weaver's Coffee with no mess.

Chris from Medford, OR "I just had a cup of the Weaver's Steeped French Roast Coffee and it was incredible. Simple, easy and delicious. How do I buy it online?"

Dr. Ken from San Francisco, CA "Wow, this is really good coffee. I love it. Can we get this for my office?"

We begin with our award-winning, hand-roasted Weaver's coffee beans—then grind the beans and place the pre-portioned fresh coffee into compostable single serve bags that are then triple nitrogen sealed into biodegradable packaging. 

This is a wonderful product, perfect for when you just want a single cup of coffee. Best coffee when you are traveling, vacation, camping, visiting family, going on a retreat, or to a spa. Bring this coffee to the office, on the airplane and definitely to your hotel. (We all know how bad hotel coffee can be, be sure to tell the hotel to contact us so we can get them serving this coffee) The best coffee for college kids, someone retired or the busy person who just doesn't have the time or the need for a full pot of coffee. Weaver's Steeped Coffee is coffee that is good for you and good for the environment. This product also makes a wonderful gift.

 This is how you make the single serve coffee:


This is how a bag of Weaver's Steeped coffee looks once it is pulled out of the biodegradable packaging.

Single Serve Coffee - Weaver's Steeped Coffee


Here are the instructions on preparing the single serve coffee:


Single Serve Coffee - Weaver's Steeped Coffee

This is a photo of you in your hotel room enjoying a delicious cup of Weaver's Steeped Coffee.

Weaver's Coffee in a single serve package, which is good for you and the environment. We sell them as singles or in a pack of ten. 

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