Organic Blend Coffee Voted Best Organic Coffee

Organic Blend Coffee

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Organic Blend Coffee is the new standard in artisan coffee and was Voted Best Organic Coffee on NBC's TODAY Show.

This robust organic coffee blend boasts bright flavor notes and through the coffee roasting process, a natural, sweet chocolate and caramel finish.

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This handcrafted coffee is made with the finest, 100% Certified Organic, Fair Trade Certified coffee. This rich and delicious Organic Blend Coffee is hand-roasted using Arabica coffee beans grown at high altitudes from along the equatorial belt, Central and South America, Indonesia, and Africa.  Learn more from our Master Coffee Roaster, John Weaver, as he explains the processes he uses to create our delicious coffees.



This is your new favorite coffee and one of our top-selling coffee's. Be very careful, because once you start to drink our Weaver's Organic Blend Coffee there is no going back to your old coffee.


Weaver's Organic Blend coffee in the cooling tray of the Probat Coffee Roaster

Review by Michael B. on 9 Apr 2019

"I was lucky enough to run into Weaver's coffee and Renee around 2011 and have never been able to find anything as good. Having lived all around Europe and the US, I can say I've tried many roasters and have always come back. I've had it with me in Seattle, Portland, Los Angeles, and Chicago. It has become a joy to introduce friends to them."