Coffee cherries, which contain the actual coffee bean, are produced by several species of evergreen bush of the genus Coffea - the two most common species of which are Robusta and Arabica.

Originating from Africa, primary growing regions expanded along the equator or "Bean Belt". These regions offer moderate sunshine and rain with steady sub-tropical temperatures and rich, porous soil. Primary coffee regions include Brazil, Vietnam, Indonesia, Columbia, and Mexico.






We start with only pure, 100% Arabica green beans, selected from the finest growing regions around the world - many of which span the equator. The vast majority of our coffees are grown above an altitude of three thousand feet where the rich, volcanic soil found at these altitudes produce a hearty and deep taste profile. Weaver's Artisan Roast yields a heavy-bodied, bold cup which highlights the inherent characteristics of each origin. Through the careful manipulation of time, temperature, and airflow, we roast each batch to unlock the full, inherent potential unique to each lot of coffee. Knowledge of bean density is vital when roasting - the softer the bean, the gentler the roasting process as opposed to beans which can be aggressively "pushed" in the roasting process. This is the key difference between a Master Roaster hand-crafting your coffee and the roasting machinery used by large companies repeating the same process every roast. Blending is an art in itself. Bean composition of each blend is decided by first roasting to a specific origin, which is then mixed with varied amounts of other lots and roasts. Methodically, we narrow it down to the perfect cup of coffee. We do this through "cupping" - a skill mastered through time and experience. Having cupped roughly two hundred coffees a day, John has the ability to commit these tastes and experiences to memory providing continuity regardless of how each crop may have turned out this season. We know that coffee is a highly perishable item; one that loses both its flavor and freshness over a very short period of time if not handled properly. We hand-pack our coffee into a one-way valve package which is sealed within minutes. This special bag has been designed to release CO2 through the one-way valve which fresh-roasted coffee out-gases for hours after roasting. This process also forces most of, if not all, the harmful oxygen (the primary enemy of roasted coffee) from the bag. We take every step necessary to ensure that our coffees are fresh.