Need a Vacation? Extra Fancy Kona Coffee Baby!

100% Kona Coffee - White Label Reserve Coffee

100% Extra Fancy Kona Reserve Coffee - Single Origin Coffee - Is everyone going on vacation to Hawaii except you?  Welcome to our world.  We are working away roasting you delicious, delightful, delectable coffee while the rest of the world goes on vacation.  However, since we do get to taste wonderful coffees from all over the world, all the time, we are really happy campers.  If you are home thinking about the sun on your face and a warm ocean breeze, well then this is your chance to join us, to be in a place a of beauty. This is a chance to taste a moment in time, a light wind as it ripples across the expansive tropical blue ocean.  Feel the subtle vibration of crashing ocean waves as they reach the shore and and cover your feet with cool, white foamy seawater.

Kona Coffee is born and nurtured in this climate.  It is a world-renowned coffee that is exclusively grown on the slopes of two volcanoes on the Big Island of Hawaii.  The fertile porous and mineral-rich volcanic soil coupled with sunny mornings, cloud or rain in the afternoon, little wind and mild nights combine to make Kona Coffee one of the most delicious and expensive coffees on the planet.

The main reason it is relatively expensive compared to other coffees is the cost of labor. Picking coffee is a very labor-intensive process, and the wages for a farm worker in Hawai’i are much higher than the wages for a farm worker in Guatemala or Ethiopia.

Quality 100% Extra Fancy Kona Coffee is clean and well balanced with a medium body and cheerful, bright acidity yet often exhibiting spicy and buttery qualities with subtle wine tones, intensely aromatic, with a wonderful finish.

Only coffee grown on the slopes of the Hualalai and Mauna Loa volcanoes in the north and south Kona districts can be called Kona Coffee. Because of the rarity and price of Kona Coffee, some retailers sell "Kona Blends". These are not a combination of different Kona Coffees, but a blend of Kona Coffee and other less expensive coffees. Usually these blends contain only the minimum required 10% Kona Coffee and 90% cheaper imported beans.

If you want to take home Kona Coffee it is worth the splurge to go for the 100% Extra Fancy Kona Coffee. Marketing terms on coffee can be confusing. Watch for these words so you know that you are getting true Kona Coffee beans.

  • Kona Roast: is not a protected term and can be made from any kind of coffee bean.  Most likely contains 0% Kona Coffee.
  • Kona Style: same as the Kona Roast, probably has nothing to do with Kona Coffee if no explicit mention (10% or 100% Kona Coffee) is made on the package.
  • Kona Blend: is by law required to contain at least 10% Kona Coffee.
  • 100% Kona Coffee: is the real deal. This coffee contains only Kona Coffee beans.

Our Kona Reserve Coffee is made of only 100% Pure, Top-Grade Extra Fancy Kona Coffee beans. "Extra Fancy" is a classification system used by the State of Hawaii to regulate bean size/quality and represents the highest grade that Hawaiian farms produce. 

Weaver's Kona Coffee is a perfect Reserve Coffee for you, or, if you really like them, for a great friend or family member as a gift.