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Gift of Three Teas - Tea Gift

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Tea Gift for Tea Lover

The tea gift for the tea lover in your life. They will call you and say that it was an excellent tea gift! Here is how you order the best tea gift: Select three teas and then select either loose-leaf tea or tea bags. Choose a gift bag color, and we will add a handwritten note letting them know this tea gift was from you.

The Teas

Mango Black Tea - 4oz.
Our Mango Black Tea is truly addicting. Sunny mango coupled with marigold petals make this black tea phenomenal. Black teas are renown for their balanced qualities. The mango essence creates a fresh, fruit aroma through to a subtle, sweet finish. Strong in the bag, subtle in the cup.

Earl Grey Tea - 4oz.
A lively orange pekoe flavored with bergamot oil - an essential oil that is pressed from the rind of the fruit of the Citrus bergamia tree, then applied to the tea for its aromatic effect. Weaver's Earl Grey Tea is a classic blend with balanced yet vibrant flavors.

Masala Chai Tea - 4oz. (Tea bags only)
Masala Chai Tea has been blended in Asia for centuries.  We pair black tea with the warming spices of cinnamon, ginger, cardamom, allspice, cloves, and black pepper to craft this spicy blend that is amazing both hot and iced. 

Pomegranate Green Tea - 4oz.
Pomegranate Green Tea produces an elegant yellow liquor with a lively fruit aroma. Flavored with a hint of natural pomegranate, this essence delivers an extra zest to your green tea experience.

Dragonwell Green Tea - 4oz.
This is the most renowned of all Chinese green teas. The jade colored green leaves are flattened by hand in a heated wok to create their characteristic shape. When the leaves open, they release a mellow chestnut flavor and a slightly sweet finish.

Lemon Ginger Herbal Tea - 4oz. - (Tea bags only)
Lemon Ginger Herbal Tea is a timeless infusion of ginger root, lemon, lemon grass, licorice, and spearmint. The citrus scent of lemon combined with the pepper spice scent of ginger recharges the spirit while creating an escape for the senses.

Chamomile Lemon Blossom Herbal Tea - 3oz
Made using only fresh chamomile flowers, our fragrant Chamomile Blossom Herbal Tisane is caffeine-free and the perfect bedtime herbal drink.