The Gift of Four Coffees

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The Gift of Four Coffees: The Perfect Gift for Coffee Lovers

Our Gift of Four Coffees is the perfect gift for coffee lovers of all levels. This luxuriously rich black box contains four pounds of incredible Arabica coffee beans, lovingly hand-roasted by our Master Roaster, John Weaver. Small-lot precision coffee roasting allows him to draw out their unique nuances, aromas, and flavors. Each coffee is balanced, delicious, and has an excellent flavor profile.

When ordering, please select either the whole bean or pre-ground option.

Coffees in the Gift

Original Blend Coffee Original Blend Coffee was named "Best Coffee" on NBC's TODAY Show. This robust blend boasts bright flavor notes and a natural, sweet chocolate and caramel finish. Made from the finest Fair Trade Certified coffee, this rich blend is crafted using beans grown at high altitude from premier regions that span the equatorial belt: Central and South America, Indonesia, and Africa.

French Roast Coffee   French Roast is our deepest and darkest roasted coffee. This Fair Trade Certified coffee is artistically blended.  Our French Roast has a moderate percentage of different roasts, producing a complex taste profile.

Sumatra Coffee Single Origin Coffee,Sumatran coffee is superb and captivating. This Sumatra Coffee is one of the world's most complex single-origin coffees. Inherent subtle flavors are reminiscent of sweet pipe tobacco, woody-cedar undertones and a warm maple sweetness in the finish. 

Peru Coffee Single Origin Coffee, Peruvian Coffee hails from the tall peaks of the Andes to the tropical forests of the Amazon Basin. Peruvian coffees are as distinct as their birthplace. Medium-bodied with a tangy fruit finish, our lively Peru has been hand-crafted to realize its complete flavor potential.

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What is Hand Roasted Coffee? Coffee roasting is both an art form and a science. The art form is when you take a skill set that has been mastered over decades and combine it with the precision of a scientist. The science of coffee roasting is knowing the specific dynamics of the coffee roasting process, a particular nose, and the empirical data about the green coffee bean you are roasting, and of course, the type of coffee roaster you are using to roast the coffee.