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Vintage Coffee Roaster and Legacy Blend Coffee

Wild Card Roasters is an artisan coffee and tea company headquartered in the San Francisco Bay Area. The name of their coffee brand is Weaver's Coffee & Tea, named after John Weaver. He is their master coffee roaster and he loves to small batch roast his Legacy Blend Coffeeon an antique 1905 Royal No.5 vintage coffee roaster.

In 2007, a group of friends started Wild Card Roasters with a focus on creating exceptional coffee with impeccable quality and consistency using Fair Trade Certified coffee beans whenever possible. The first brand is named, Weaver’s Coffee & Tea after John Weaver, the company’s master roaster. Wild Card Roasters has a large Coffee Roastery with a branded Weaver's Coffee & TeaCafe in front of the Coffee Roastery in San Rafael, California. Their website has over 260 interesting coffee blogs and tea blogs with a wealth of information on everything coffee and tea, including excellent tips, tricks and coffee and tea drink recipes. The website also offers 32 delectable coffees and 13 delicious teas available for purchase.


Hand roasting coffee on the Royal 5 Coffee Roaster

John Weaver roasts Legacy Blend Coffee on his 1905 Royal Coffee Roaster

Photo Credit: Kevin Erdman

Mr. Alfred Peet's Vintage Coffee Roaster

“Years ago, I purchased Mr. Peet’s original 1905 Royal No.5 coffee roaster,” said John Weaver. “This is the coffee roaster he used when he started his business in Berkeley, California. Mr. Peet founded Peet's Coffee in 1966 and was one of my mentors. I learned his unique insight as to how he learned to roast coffee in the Netherlands. The drum of the Royal No.5 coffee roaster is small and perforated, which allows the flames to directly touch the beans. By roasting small amounts of fifteen pounds at a time, using a combination of the Royal No.5 coffee roaster and my larger Probat coffee roaster, I am able to marry the best of both worlds to hand-craft something most coffee drinkers have never experienced in the United States.” 

Experimenting with Vintage Coffee Roaster

Over the years the company has focused on cultivating an innovative and continually expanding line of craft coffees and teas with an intense devotion to artfully roasting coffee beans. The brand, Weaver’s Coffee & Tea and the roastery, Wild Card Roasters was co-founded by Renee Brown, Michael Brown, John Weaver and Bryce Inouye. The team exudes an energy that is equal parts sweet rebellion and business savvy mixed with a positive company culture. “Weaver’s Coffee & Tea is a highly differentiated brand with a high attachment to our loyal customer base,” said Renee Brown, vice president and co-founder of Wild Card Roasters. “We believe in quality, consistency and kindness and we produce and serve what many of our customers say is the best cup of coffee they’ve ever had.”

Sal Bonavita, Original Owner of Peet's Coffee

Weaver's Coffee Roasting Meditation Video