How to Make the Perfect Pour Over Coffee

 How to make the perfect pour-over coffee

The coffee world is so flooded with different brewing techniques that it is sometimes difficult to decide on what brewing method to choose.  Let’s take a look at the pour-over brewing method and share with you why so many people are willing to wait a few extra minutes for their cup of coffee.

Why Pour-Over Coffee 

We all like the the good things in life, and so, to brew a cup of pour-over coffee reminiscent of perfection, you have to exercise some patience.

Why the pour-over brewing method over your drip coffee machine? It affords you better control over such factors like concentration and taste. The method allows you to control the speed of the pour (making it slower), giving the water more time to come in contact with the grounds and brewing temperature, therefore, making a richer and more flavorful brew. Those who have converted to pour-over coffee claim each cup truly tastes different and starting to experiment with this method will allow you to truly learn about nuances in flavor.

Now let’s take a look at three basic processes that will enable you to brew a cup of pour-over coffee with perfection.

Pour-Over Coffee Technique
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1. Choosing Your Paper Filters and Cone

To have a perfectly brewed cup of pour over, it is important your pour-over size is directly proportional to your quantity of coffee and water. This way you can eliminate the possibility of brewing at an inappropriate depth, which can cause the end product of the pour over coffee to either taste ordinary or over-concentrated depending on the quantity of water and coffee used. We also recommend a ceramic or porcelain cone with a cover as this will help to maintain temperature of the brew. You may not realize this, but different paper filters have different flow rates.

2. Coffee to Water Ratio and Temperature

Use about 2 tablespoons of fine to medium grind coffee grounds for every 6 ounces of hot water. We suggest putting your cone over a carafe to keep your coffee hot. The recommended temperature of the water is 205 degrees to extract the most flavor out of your coffee. You might want to make use of a thermometer for accuracy sake. You can experiment with the grind size, amount of coffee, and temperature to find the perfect combination for your palate.

3. Pouring Method

We recommend pouring water through before putting in the grounds to heat the cone as well as get rid of any paper taste. After, measuring your grinds, pouring should be done slowly first in center of the grounds, then you can work your way outwards in a spiral motion, slowly and steadily, saturate all the grounds. Pour just enough water to moisten all the grinds. The coffee will bloom. It will absorb the water and start releasing flavor. After a few moments of absorption, begin to pour the rest of the water in a circular motion around the outer edge. The rate of drip should be slow, at least a couple of minutes. Once done, your coffee is ready for your complete enjoyment.

You can see from the above tips shared on how to brew the pour over coffee that it is something you can do from the comfort of your homes without all the coffee contraptions. However, do not forget that patience and the spirit of experimentation are important if you wish to brew a perfect cup of pour-over coffee.

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