Peru Coffee Steps into the Limelight

Peru Coffee Farmers

The Cup of Excellence (COE) has had a significant impact for the change that has unlocked the potential for advancement for growers in every country that it operates, and forever alters the direction of both individual farmers and entire regions.

With 117 competitions conducted and 2,975 lots of coffee auctioned, the program is considered the premier global coffee competition in the world,and attracts an international audience of coffee buyers anxious for access to exceptional quality.

The COE presents a mechanism for discovering hidden talent and enabling coffee producers – regardless of the resources they possess or lack – to seize opportunity and catapult themselves onto the grandest of stages. It is a powerful magnet that pulls together coffee farmers and coffee roasters who, once connected, realize how much they can help each other. This year, Cup of Excellence arrived in Peru. Some regions are so loaded with dormant potential their awakening unleashes a cascade of positive energy that alters the landscape around them. Peru is such a place.

here are over 120,000 growers cultivating coffee on the slopes of a massive stretch of the towering Andes mountain range covering nearly 20 degrees of latitude. Consider that most of this Peruvian Coffee is produced by farmers with minimal access to technical assistance and without much financial incentive to invest in quality, yet these Peruvian Coffees are sometimes so laden with sweetness that they make the sugarcane jealous.

Peru has the ingredients to become a world leader in coffee quality. Extreme altitudes, rich soils, and favorable climate conditions? Check. An abundance of heirloom varieties known for their exquisite taste attributes? Check. Motivated farmers with a desire to connect to the specialty market? Check this one twice and underline it.

Peru Coffee Farming

After nearly seven years spent laying the groundwork to bring the Cup of Excellence to Peru,
COE has started a new chapter, providing a platform for Peruvian farmers to showcase the spectacular quality coffee beans they have been producing in relative obscurity.

Over 300 coffees from all of Peru’s nine different regions were submitted. From September 11 to 15, 2017, international judges from 10 countries assessed the top coffees that passed through a rigorous screening from pre-selection to the national jury stage. By the time the competition ended, more than 9,000 individual cups of coffee were sampled. The very best of the coffees entered in the competition will proceed to an online global auction in November.

Enjoy a cup of delicious Weavers lively Peru Organic Coffee, a medium-bodied coffee with a tangy fruit finish, that has been hand-crafted to realize its complete flavor potential.

Source: DANIEL, DARRIN and  WATTS, GEOFF  (October 31, 2017). Peru Steps into the Limelight. SCA News.


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