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Why I Drink Black Coffee

Drinking Black Coffee

When I was young and started drinking coffee, I would add milk and sugar because I assumed this was what adults did when they made their coffee. When I went to college I added milk and sugar to my coffee, because it tasted better with milk and sugar. Yesterday, while working in the Coffee Roastery, John Weaver saw me add milk to my coffee and just as I was about to add sugar, He yelled, "drink your coffee black Alexander!" So I did, and you know what? For the first time in my life I found that I could drink a cup of coffee black.

Does that mean the average coffee drinker shouldn’t add milk and sugar to their coffee? No, I believe you should have your coffee the way you like to have your coffee, especially if you are at your favorite coffee shop. (Let’s not tell John Weaver I said this on the company blog)

I add milk and sugar because I usually go out for a coffee to a local coffees shop at school and add milk and sugar to hide the bitter taste of over roasted, mass-produced coffee. Unfortunately, milk and sugar also adds unnecessary calories and flavors to coffees, which can affect your health. Lately, especially since I am home, with John Weaver looking over my shoulder, I am drinking black coffee and loving it. 

What is in the Black Cup of Coffee? 

When he finished roasting, John Weaver sat me down and explained that the average coffee drinker uses milk and sugar in their morning coffee because of the taste of the coffee. Most coffee drinkers do not understand the difference between a hand-roasted coffee and a mass-produced coffee, and so they disguise their coffees with milk and sugar to hide the quality of what they are drinking. Then he went into a lengthy description of the types of arabica coffees he likes, which my mom and her team buy from all over the world.  Basically, when it comes to Weaver’s Coffee, our coffees are full-bodied and perfectly roasted, therefore adding cream and sugar takes away part of the flavor profile rather than adds to the flavor profile.

Is Black Coffee Good for You?

Black coffee is the perfect way to start the day. The delicious smell of freshly brewed fresh coffee, coupled with the warmth of the cup of coffee in your hands, is the best way to start your morning routine. There is a reason why coffee roasters taste test coffee black. For instance to understand the full flavor profile of one of our single origin coffees or blended coffees we would not add milk or sugar to the taste it on the tasting table as it would negatively impact the coffee tasting and the coffee flavor profile would be diluted. 

Who was the First Person to Put Milk in Black Coffee?

Johan Nieuhof

Johan Nieuhof

Johan Nieuhof, the Dutch ambassador to China, is credited as the first person to drink coffee with milk when he experimented with it around 1660. Little did Mr. Nieuhof know his simple milk experiment would lead to a complete reformation of how most people drink coffee on a daily basis. The consumption of tea with milk as done in many parts of Europe is also accredited to the same time period however this discovery was by Madame de la Sabliere who in her writings said she did so “because it was to her taste.” 

Madame de la Sabliere

Black Coffee as a Double Espresso

I vividly remember my first double espresso. I was fifteen years old when we set up our Coffee Roastery, Manufacturing, Warehouse and Weaver’s Coffee & Tea coffee shop at 40 Louise Street in San Rafael, California. John Weaver was roasting and yelled over to me to go pull him an espresso. We only serve double espressos, so I ran into the coffee shop and pulled the double espresso shot for him. I handed him the shot and he said, that is for you, drink it. The espresso shot was smooth and creamy and I liked it. Forty minutes later 300 pounds of coffee was packaged and ready to ship, so the coffee tasted great and it sure helped me focus and work fast in the shipping department.

Now that I am twenty-one I find myself drinking black coffee on a regular basis. If I go out to brunch with friends and want to try the restaurants coffee I try it black. The mass-produced coffees you find readily available at the grocery store are for the most part the same mass-produced coffees you find at your neighborhood restaurant. It seems that certain restaurants think that every consumer will add cream and sugar to their drink to hide out the burnt and bland flavor of their morning cup of coffee. I am finding it hard to get a great cup of black coffee when I am out to lunch or dinner.

While not every coffee drinker may have been able to do a full coffee tasting in his or her life it’s nice to drink a coffee at its most pure state. It shows you exactly the finished product you are drinking and how it was intended to taste. When it comes to other coffee shops and coffee companies I tend to add cream and sugar to my coffee, but when it comes to coffee roasted by John Weaver, then I usually choose to drink the coffee black. Personal preference along with experience over the past eleven years have allowed me to better gauge the different flavors and nuances in coffees. Why sacrifice these flavors and also add in extra calories?

Drink High Quality Hand Roasted Artisan Coffee

Here at Weaver’s Coffee & Tea we pride ourselves on roasting the best coffee, and believe in supporting Fair Trade Certified coffee as well as multiple charities. While most of the staff and all of the owners drink their coffee black, we want you to drink your coffee the way you like to drink your coffee. Well, maybe not John, he will tell you to drink black coffee.  John Weaver throughout the last forty years has been perfecting the perfect cup of coffee for you, and as we continue to focus on quality and consistency, we hope you continue to enjoy drinking Weaver’s Coffee as much as we enjoy roasting it for you.  

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