Weaver's Coffee & Tea Roastery Experience

If you love coffee then you have noticed that large coffee companies are trying to create a Roastery Experience for their customers.

What we see is a little bit of pretentiousness in the world of coffee. Let's face it, it is just a cup of coffee and if you do it right, and we aim to do it right all the time, then paying twelve dollars for one cup of coffee in a cafe "Roastery Experience" is a little crazy. Well, we can say that because if you are reading this you know what we do is very special. We are all about quality and consistency. What you may not know, is that we have always had a Roastery Experience for our family of coffee drinkers at our 40 Louise Street Roastery & Cafe location.

probat roaster control panel at weaver's coffee & tea

Why is our coffee so delicious? We start with the highest quality arabica beans, hand blend them and then hand roast them to perfection. Yes, a well trained coffee roaster is standing at the 45 Kilo Probat Coffee Roaster controlling the roast all the time. The Roaster controls the load size, the time, the temperature and the air flow. We roast Single Origin Coffee, Reserve Coffee as well as our unique Coffee Blends. Our shippers bag our coffee fresh off the roaster. We seal our coffee in an expensive valved bag, which releases the CO2 off the freshly roasted coffee bean and locks freshness into the bag.

So, when you find yourself in the San Francisco Bay Area please swing by our Roastery & Cafe at 40 Louise Street San Rafael, CA 94901.

Check out the photos and videos of John Weaver working our 45 Kilo Probat Coffee Roaster.

john weaver probat roaster weaver's coffee & tea roasting facility

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