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French Roast Organic Coffee

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Weaver's French Roast Organic Coffee is our deepest and darkest roasted coffee.

We always have customers ask us, what is the meaning of French Roast Coffee and why does your coffee taste so good?  This coffee is definitely described as a dark roasted coffee. What is unique about our French Roast Coffee is that we use the highest quality Arabica Beans and then hand-roast them and hand-blend them with other high-quality equatorial belt coffee beans, each of which has been roasted to a different roast profile, so when they are blended into the French Roast Organic Coffee it has a smooth finish.

This 100% Certified Organic, Fair Trade Certified coffee has a surprising characteristic that you'll notice when you purchase whole bean coffee.  There is a hint of speckle on a small percentage of the coffee beans which are the few specially roasted coffee beans that are added, from different countries, to balance out the flavor profile of this deep and dark coffee roast.

When we use this technique to artistically hand-roast and hand-blend our French Roast Organic Coffee with a moderate percentage of different coffee beans roasted to perfection it produces a complex taste profile, yet smooth deep and clean. 

Here is a video of forty-pound buckets of our fresh hand-roasted French Roast Organic Coffee:



Weaver's French Roast Organic Coffee is our number one seller and loved by all of our customers. 



Be very careful, because once you start to drink this delicious French Organic Roast coffee there is no going back to your old coffees.

Savor the deepness.