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Decaf French Roast Coffee

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Decaf French Roast Coffee

Our deepest and darkest, Decaf French Roast Coffee is a Fair Trade Certified Coffee.  We artistically hand blend our Decaf French Roast Coffee with a moderate percentage of different decaf coffee roasts, producing a complex decaf coffee with a smooth clean taste.

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Green coffee beans are soaked or steamed until the caffeine is dissolved or their pores are opened, and then they extract the caffeine from the green coffee beans.

The Swiss Water Process and Mountain Water Process of decaffeination are used to make the best decaf coffee, which is what we use. This tends to produce the most flavorful coffee because it’s good at removing caffeine and without stripping other flavors from the green coffee beans. However, it’s also more expensive to use the Swiss Water Process and Mountain Water Process to remove caffeine from coffee beans, and the process is difficult to produce at scale. Please watch the video below to learn more about how decaf coffee is made.