Aged Mocha Java Coffee

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Aged Mocha Java Coffee

Weaver's Aged Mocha Java Coffee is a beautifully crafted coffee that is made with a special blend of coffee beans that are aged for between two to eight years. The aging process gives the coffee a unique flavor profile that is characterized by notes of fresh-cut cedar, sweet berries, and wine. Weaver's Aged Mocha Java Coffee is a great choice for coffee lovers who appreciate a smooth, low-acidity coffee with a complex flavor. 

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The Soil in Java

The soil on the side of this mountain is very fertile and many other crops, from potatoes to cacao, share space with the coffee. Recently, exporters and other professionals in the coffee industry have been working with the agricultural communities there to foster a resurgence in Specialty Coffee's best coffee beans. The terrain is so steep that even four-wheel-drive vehicles become useless about 3,000 feet, and you move up on foot. Coffee cherries are still brought back down to the collection point via scooter.