Dragonwell Green Tea

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Mellow Chestnut and a Sweet Finish

This is the most renowned of all Chinese green teas.

The tea leaves are hand roasted in a wok, early in processing (after picking) to stop the natural oxidation process, which is a part of creating black and oolong teas

The jade-colored green tea leaves are flattened by hand in a heated wok to create their characteristic shape.

When the green tea leaves open, they release a mellow chestnut flavor and a slightly sweet finish.

Beautiful and truly delicious.

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When they process green tea, leaves from the tea plant are harvested, withered, and then heated up. (Except for matcha green tea, which is processed in a completely different way) Green tea is often heated up by being steamed (Japan), or heated in a wok (Chinese). By heating up the leaves, the oxidation process is stopped, which allows the leaves to keep their color as well as the majority of their flavor.

Brew our Dragonwell Green Tea hot and serve.  If you are in the mood for iced tea, let it cool and pour it over ice.