African Coffee Blend

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African Coffee Blend

Weaver's African Coffee Blend is a medium-bodied, robust coffee with bright fruit berry and citrus flavors. It is made from a blend of four exquisite hand-picked East African Arabica coffee beans that are roasted to perfection. The coffee has a smooth complexity and incredible depth, making it a great choice for coffee lovers who appreciate a full-flavored cup of coffee.

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The Ethiopian Coffee Farming

Most Ethiopian coffees are grown without the use of agricultural chemicals, usually intercropped with other crops. Harrars and Yirgacheffes are what Ethiopians call garden coffees, grown on small plots by villagers using completely traditional methods.

The Three Categories of Coffee Arabica Beans

Longberry: consists of the largest beans and are often considered of the highest quality in both value and flavor.

Shortberry: smaller than the Longberry beans but are considered a high-grade bean in Eastern Ethiopia where it originates.

Mocha: a highly prized commodity. Mocha Harars are known for their peaberry beans that often have complex chocolate, spice and citrus notes.

The Ethiopian Coffee Processing Methods

Variations in the wine and fruit tones of Ethiopian coffees are determined by the various processing method.

The Ethiopia Casual Dry-Processed Coffees

Coffee trees can be found growing uncultivated and often these beans are picked for local consumption. Beans are dried in the fruit and are often roasted and consumed on the spot or sold to the local market.

The Ethiopia Wet-Processed Coffees

This is a more sophisticated large-scale method of processing the coffee bean. The best and ripest coffee fruit is sold to wet processing mills which are called washing stations. The coffee cherry or fruit is immediately removed from the coffee beans in a series of complex operations before the coffee beans are dried. The immediate removal of fruit involved in wet-processing apparently softens the fruity, wine-like profile of dried-in-the-fruit coffees like Harrars and turns it gentle, round, delicately complex and fragrant with floral innuendo.

Washed coffees of Ethiopia include Ghimbi and Yirgacheffe. Ghimbi coffee beans are grown in the western parts of the country and are more balanced, heavier and have a longer-lasting body than the Harrars. Ethiopia Yirgacheffe, high-toned and alive with shimmering citrus and flower tones, maybe the world’s most distinctive coffee. Other Ethiopia wet-processed coffees—Washed Limu, Washed Sidamo, Washed Jima, and others — are typically soft, round, floral and citrusy, but less explosively fragrant than Yirgacheffe. However, they can be very fine and distinctive coffees.

The Ethiopia Dry-Processed Harrar

This dry-processed coffee does not fall into the second-class category with the rest. These celebrated beans from the Harrar region are put out into the sun fruit and all. Usually, the fruit is allowed to dry directly on the tree which produces a wild, fruity, complexly sweet, with a slightly fermented aftertaste. This distinctive flavor is called the Mocha taste and in the best Harrar coffees, one can observe an intense aroma of blueberries or blackberries.  Ethiopian Harrar coffee is often used in espresso blends to capture the fine aromatics in the crema.

The Kenya Coffee Farming

Kenya AA Coffee is as wild and bright as its East African homeland. Roughly seventy percent of Kenya Coffee is produced by small scale farm holders. The major coffee-growing regions in Kenya are the high plateaus and to a smaller scale in Machakos and Taita hills in Eastern and Coast provinces respectively.  The acidic soil in highlands of central Kenya, the correct sunlight and rainfall provide excellent conditions for growing coffee plants. Coffee from Kenya is well known for its intense flavor, full-body, and pleasant aroma with notes of cocoa.

This medium-bodied coffee is bold with subtle nuances that light up the palate from front to back and makes an amazing addition to Weaver’s African Blend Coffee. Kenya AA is a high-grade coffee and is one of the most sought-after coffees in the world. We love to savor its brilliant acidity with a natural progression of flavors from grapefruit to orange, to blackberry, to a sublime wine grape and currant flavor.

The Tanzania Coffee Farming

Tanzania is the third-largest coffee producer in Africa and produces about one percent of the world’s Arabica coffee. Tanzania produces some of the most unique coffees in the world—very highly regarded, but unlike other premium coffees Tanzania's coffee beans work extremely well into darker roasts.

Our Tanzania hails from smallholding farms in the Tarime district located in the northern tip of Tanzania which is a stone’s throw away from the border of Kenya. The region has a reputation for coffee that is more complex and a higher grade than most of the country’s harvest. This delicious coffee is handpicked, naturally sun-dried and softened by the aging process.