8 Coffee Benefits for Skin

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8 Coffee Benefits for Skin

Over the years, and over endless, consecutive cups of coffee, the effects of caffeine or coffee in particular, on the body is a topic bound to be discussed with family and friends. It is surprising, however, that every time the subject is brought up, most people tend to believe that coffee is damaging. This is a common misconception and why we decided to write this article to explain some of the benefits the skin derives from coffee.

What is coffee?

Coffee is a a drug and a stimulant, which stimulates the nervous system and is abundant in numerous antioxidants. This helps fight off free radicals and prevent certain cancers as well as other diseases.

1- Gourmet coffee bean grounds combined with cocoa can make a great coffee-cocoa facial. Equal amounts of coffee and cocoa combined with milk and honey make a great, salon-like, face pack. This pack will hydrate and nourish your skin, keep your skin soft, and tighten pores. Using yogurt instead of milk is recommended for those with oily skin. Although some beneficial masks come with unpleasant scents, this one is sure to please your sense of smell.

2- Mixing the best coffee grounds with aloe vera gel and vitamin E oil will make a great scrub for various purposes. Regularly using this scrub can help minimize the appearance of cellulite significantly.

3- If you suffer from under eye dark circles and puffiness, coffee can become your best friend. Under eye dark circles can be caused by several factors, however, if it is hereditary this mixture will not prove effective.  The caffeine found in coffee is what mainly contributes to the effectiveness of this remedy. If you look at the list of ingredients to any eye cream product, chances are that caffeine is one of the ingredients.

4- Coffee can be used as a treatment for rosacea as well as other redness and irritation caused by sun exposure.

5- Good blood circulation yields a healthier body in general and skin is no exception. Applying coffee to your skin will improve blood circulation, which will improve its health, glow, and radiance.

6- Caffeine protects skin from harmful UV carcinogens and inhibits the DNA damage response which helps fight skin cancer.

7- Coffee infused lip balm can soften your lips. Infusing coconut oil with coffee and then adding it to cocoa butter will create a great homemade lip balm, which is sure to your lips soft and healthy.

8- Combining coffee ground with coconut oil can do wonders for your feet. While soaking your feet in warm water, scrub them with this concoction and notice the difference! Your feet will become soft and attractive.

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