June 10, 2017 1 min read

How We Sample Roast Green Coffee Beans

Picking Green Coffee Beans for our Reserve Coffee

Did you ever wonder how an artisan coffee roaster picks their green coffee beans? It is a serious process, and it takes a long time and a specific skill set to do it properly. We buy our green arabica coffee beans directly from green coffee brokers because then we know the green coffee beans we are buying are exactly what we have sampled. Our relationship with green coffee brokers scans nearly four decades, and the brokers know which green arabica coffees our Master Coffee Roaster favors.

Watch Carlos Garcia, our Apprentice Coffee Roaster, as he carefully sample roasts different green coffee beans. We think this is very cool video and wanted to share it with you. Welcome to just a few minutes of our day and thank you for drinking our delicious Weaver's Coffee.