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Pasta Coffee Recipe at Seven Hills Restaurant in San Francisco

Seven Hills Restaurant and Pasta Coffee Recipe

Are you ready to experience a unique culinary delight? Chef Anthony Florian of Seven Hills Restaurant in San Franciscohas recently added an extraordinary new dish to the menu: the Pasta Coffee Recipe. This exquisite creation, known as Espresso Pappardelle, features Braised Oxtail, Parmigiano, Weaver's Original Blend Coffee, and Pappardelle Pasta. Pappardelle are large, broad, flat noodles, like wide fettuccine, derived from the Italian verb "pappare," meaning "to gobble up."

Seven Hills Restaurant is renowned for its innovative pasta dishes, and Weaver's Coffee & Tea, featured on their menu, has been served exclusively for many years. The restaurant's charming ambiance and exceptional cuisine make it a must-visit in San Francisco.

Chef Anthony Florian’s Delectable Creations

Watch Chef Anthony Florian demonstrate his culinary expertise in the video below, where he prepares another one of his delicious pasta creations, the Rotolo al Forno, being rolled up for baking.


Weaver's Coffee & Tea is highlighted on their menu and has been served exclusively for many years. If you are lucky enough to get a seat at Seven Hill's, tell them we sent you. (Reservations: )


"Our server was particularly enthusiastic about the mushroom tortelli ($19), where the gossamer packets of pasta were plumped with ricotta and surrounded by a mushroom sauce with a judicious addition of seven-year aged balsamico that added a complex sweetness that enhanced everything around it. Kale tagliatelle ($20) was precisely cooked, with the tangle of green noodles surrounded by a beef, duck and pork Bolognese smoothed with cream. I had probably a dozen versions of Bolognese sauce on a recent trip to Italy, and this beat them all." - SF Chronicle    ( )

"Creative farm-to-table cuisine inspired by Rome (a seven-hilled city like SF) includes amazing housemade giant raviolis at this darling, intimate Nob Hill trattoria that also offers an interesting selection of well-priced wines chosen by two master sommeliers; the caliber of cooking is comparable to more expensive places, plus a lively noise level and welcoming servers help create a friendly atmosphere." - Zagat

Visit Seven Hills Restaurant to savor the delightful Pasta Coffee Recipe and experience the innovative culinary creations by Chef Anthony Florian. Don't miss out on this unique gastronomic adventure in the heart of San Francisco.

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