What is "Hand Roasted" Reserve Coffee?

Coffee roasting is both an art form and a science. The art form is when you take a skill set that has been mastered over decades and combine it with the precision of a scientist. The science is knowing the specific dynamics of the coffee roasting process, a particular nose, and the empirical data about the green coffee bean you are roasting, and of course, the coffee roaster you are using to roast the coffee.

Our coffee roaster is a 45 Kilo Probat. Our Master Coffee Roaster controls the load size, the time the temperature and the air flow. Decisions are made on the spot, predicated on what coffee bean is in the roast and those decisions affect and create that unique flavor profile for each coffee blend or each single origin coffee. This takes a wee bit of genius, decades of practice and a lot of hard work by a lot of people to support the entire process. Consistency is critical, it is what separates us from every other coffee company. Nine years of consistency and quality is a hard thing to do. (If you are reading this newsletter you have been addicted to our coffee for a while, and we would like to take a moment to thank you for drinking our product because you appreciate the consistency).

Large factory coffee roasting companies often turn to automation to manufacture their volume, however, the art and science of coffee roasting is lost in a large factory coffee roaster. There is no way to truly pull the full potential of the green coffee bean in a large factory roaster. Temperature control is automated and a fail-safe is generally set only a maximum on/off temperature. It is not a computer; it does not control the profile, and it is usually set at a high temperature. Data logging by computers track changes in temperature, but do not do anything to create a roast profile. This is where the master roaster steps in with their roasting profile system and to decide upon the load size, time, temperature and airflow.

Automation can be very convenient, but does not allow the fine control that hand crafting coffee roasters aspire to achieving by literally standing at the machine and controlling the roast.

Master Roaster Creating Cup Perfection at Weaver's Coffee & Tea

The best way to compare factory roasted coffee to hand roasted coffee would be to compare it to buying an apple pie at the grocery store or digging into Grandma’s fresh baked apple pie.

Grandma’s kitchen is smaller, she works carefully and precisely handcrafting her delicious apple pie, similar to a Master Coffee Roaster working his magic on a smaller 45 Kilo Probat coffee roaster, hand crafting each roast to cup perfection.

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