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Weaver's Jamaica Mountain Blue Coffee is grown between Kingston and Port Antonio.  This delicious and extremely rare single-origin coffee is from the Jamaica Blue Mountain. The coffees are only grown at the highest elevations where the environment is ideal for coffee trees.

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Rising 7,402 feet above the sea, Blue Mountain Peak is the highest spot in Jamaica and the fifth highest mountain in the Caribbean. It is in these Blue Mountains, within an area legally proscribed by the Jamaican government, that the world’s best, and best known, single-origin coffee grows. The mists and lush vegetation give the peak and the surrounding Blue Mountains, a beautiful greenish-blue hue. The Blue Mountains rise-up above Kingston and dominate the eastern part of Jamaica.


Jamaica Blue Mountains


Jamaica has some of the richest and most productive soil in the Caribbean, but not in the Blue Mountains. The soil there is derived from both metamorphic and igneous rocks and is quite porous and prone to leaching. It is low in many nutrients, especially phosphorus and nitrogen. The reduced sunlight due to the cloud cover slows down the development of the coffee cherry. The long maturation has a very positive effect on the aroma and taste of the coffee produced from these trees. The coffee trees grow slowly and the production is lower than in other coffee producing areas of Jamaica and the rest of the world.

The climate in the Jamaica Blue Mountains is cooler than the rest of Jamaica. The Jamaica Blue Mountains are located on the Eastern end of Jamaica, exposing them to the moisture-laden North-East Trade Winds. These hit the coast and rise up into the mountains, generating significant cloud cover and mist as they hit the cooler air of the higher elevations.

The unique Blue Mountain growing region features an ideal coffee-growing terrain and temperate climate – misty and cool with lots of rain, rich soil, and great soil drainage. This area contains some of the Caribbean’s highest coffee growing regions.

Our Certified, 100% Pure Jamaica Blue Mountain No. 1 is made using the largest, premium-quality beans which produce mild, yet lush and sweet, floral notes in the cup. This is a beautiful coffee, rare, expensive and well worth the effort for us to procure it and roast it perfectly for you. It arrives in a barrel and we are very careful when we roast the green coffee beans into black roasted coffee beans, to ensure your coffee cup is filled with exquisite beauty, one sip of this coffee and you will be transported to the Blue Mountains of Jamaica.



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