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Papua New Guinea Peaberry Coffee - Reserve Coffee

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Mouth-Watering Rich Fruitiness Mango Papaya

Peaberry coffee beans are a rare form of coffee beans where the fruit yields only a single, oval-shaped seed.  The unique shape of the coffee bean requires special coffee roasting.

Delicious, mouth-watering, full-bodied flavor with a pungent fruitiness of mango and papaya.  Full, rich body with a clean refreshing finish.

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Sigri Coffee Estate in the Highlands of Papua New Guinea is located 5,200 feet above sea level and is considered to be one of the more renowned coffee plantations.

The cool climate, high altitude and bountiful rainfall create an ideal environment for growing coffee.

The farmers of Papua New Guinea still live very traditional lives and these ancient tribal cultures still thrive in the mountains and valleys of the highlands.

Agriculture was invented independently here, and many farmers now include coffee among the crops they grow. 

Fully washed, sun-dried and hand sorted, this coffee goes through a three-day fermentation process broken up every 24 hours for washing.

The Sigri process, unlike those of other estates, follows this up by totally immersing the bean in water for one more day, producing a superior coffee.

The peaberry coffee bean is a rare form of the coffee bean where the coffee cherry yields only a single, oval-shaped seed.

Because of their unique shape, these coffee beans require both special handling and roasting.

Full, rich body with hints of spice and fruitiness, with a clean refreshing finish.

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