Kenya Coffee Peaberry

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Kenya Coffee Peaberry

Kenya Coffee Peaberry: Medium-dark roast single-origin coffee

This is a coffee with bold, deep flavor, notes of brown sugar, cocoa, orange, blackberry, and berry. Enjoy its brilliant acidity, orange and blackberry, finishing with sublime berry.

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Why is Kenya's Geography Good for Coffee?

Kenya’s geographic location is intersected by the equator creating excellent conditions for growing coffee. The warm sun combined with the fertile soil allows the coffee cherry to ripen under the region’s excellent coffee growing conditions. The coffee that we source from Kenya is as bright as its East African Homeland. Exclusively Kenya, this medium-bodied coffee is bold with subtle nuances.

Map of Africa and Kenya

Map courtesy of La Minita Coffee  

How is Kenya Coffee Processed?

Coffee is one of the most popular beverages in the world, but few people know how it goes from the farm to your cup. Here is a brief overview of the process:

  1. Harvesting. Red Coffee cherries are picked from the coffee tree when they are ripe.
  2. Sorting. The coffee cherries are separated based upon color and ripeness and separated from sticks and leaves.
  3. Pulping. The coffee cherries are pulped to remove the outer layer and the mucilage.
  4. Washing. The coffee beans are washed to remove any remaining pulp or mucilage. The coffee beans are then fermented where the beans are put into water to remove any excess casing and remove the parchment-like material casing that surrounds the coffee bean. Once the coffee beans are fermented, they are then transported into an underwater soak in which they sit for nearly 16-24 hours, this is termed as the two-stage fermentation process procedure which improves coffee quality.
  5. Drying. The coffee beans are placed on to tables or tarps and dried in the African sun.
  6. Grading. The coffee beans are graded by size, color, and defects.
  7. Exporting. The coffee beans are exported to coffee roasters around the world.
  8. Roasting. The coffee beans are roasted to bring out their flavor.
  9. Grinding. The roasted coffee beans are ground.
  10. Brewing. The coffee grounds are brewed with hot water to make coffee.

While writing this story I learned about the many stages of how a coffee cherry is handled from African coffee farmer to your morning cup of coffee and I believe you will find it interesting as well.