Aged Tanzania Coffee

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Aged Tanzania Coffee

Aged Tanzania Coffee is a mild-bodied coffee with flavors of amiable citrus and tangerine overtones, coupled with dried fruit sweetness and bright acidity. It is made from hand-picked coffee beans that are naturally sun-dried and softened by the aging process. Aged Tanzania Coffee is a great choice for coffee lovers who appreciate a smooth, flavorful cup of coffee with a hint of sweetness.

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The Tanzania Coffee Farms

Our Tanzania Coffee hails from small farms in the Tarime district in the northern tip of Tanzania, very close to the border of Kenya. Tanzania, the largest country in East Africa, is just a little bit more than twice the size of California. Tanzania is made up of one hundred and thirty tribes, each significant in their own way, with over one hundred and twenty languages spoken. The highest freestanding mountain in the world, Mt. Kilimanjaro is in Tanzania.