Decaf Coffee Original Blend

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Decaf Coffee Original Blend 

Decaffeinated by Mountain Water Process which results in a rich, full-flavor coffee without the caffeine. This is a full-bodied coffee and our coffee roasting creates a flavor profile with hints of malt and a warm, caramel finish. This decaf coffee is hand-roasted and is one of our top selling decaf coffees.

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So is decaf coffee bad for you?  We talked to experts including William D. Ristenpart, Ph.D., a professor of chemical engineering at the University of California, Davis, and director of the UC Davis Coffee Center, to understand the facts about how decaf coffee is made.

How is Decaf Coffee Made?

They take green coffee beans, soak or steam them until the caffeine is dissolved or their pores are opened, and then extract the caffeine from the green coffee beans. The Swiss Water Process and Mountain Water Process are used to make the best decaf coffee, which is what we use. This tends to produce the most flavorful coffee, Ristenpart says, because it’s good at removing caffeine and without stripping other flavors from the green coffee beans. However, it’s also more expensive to use the Swiss Water Process and Mountain Water process to remove caffeine from coffee beans, and the process is difficult to produce at scale.