Gift of Four Single Origin Coffees

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Gift of Four Single Origin Coffees

The perfect gift for the coffee lover in your life!

This luxurious gift box contains four delicious pounds of Weaver's Coffee, roasted to perfection by our master coffee roaster. Each coffee is a single origin, meaning it is sourced from a single farm or region. This allows our roaster to draw out the coffee's unique nuances, aromas, and flavors.

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Sumatra Coffee: A Complex and Captivating Blend

Sumatra coffee is one of the world's most complex single-origin coffees known for its earthy, smooth, and robust body. The coffee has inherent subtle flavors reminiscent of sweet pipe tobacco, woody-cedar undertones, and a warm maple sweetness in the finish. Sumatra coffee is Fair Trade Certified, which means that it is sourced from farms that meet high social, environmental, and economic standards.

    Colombian Coffee: A Sweet and Succulent Blend

    Colombian coffee is a sweet and succulent blend that is sure to please coffee lovers everywhere. It has a creamy texture with vanilla notes and a hint of dates in the finish. This single-origin coffee is super succulent, full-bodied, and has bright acidity.

      Guatemala Antigua Coffee: A Rich and Flavorful Coffee

      Guatemala Antigua coffee is nurtured at high altitudes in rich volcanic soil and dense forest. It is a premium cacao-rich, arabica Guatemala coffee that has lively acidity, a heavy body, and flavors of fine chocolate, caramel, and smoky rum.

        Ethiopian Coffee: A Unique and Flavorful Blend

        Ethiopian coffee is grown using a unique natural dry-process and dried in the sun. This delicious Ethiopian coffee is sorted using a meticulous screen and density method that produces excellent dry-processed coffee. In the cup, this coffee boasts a deep, mocha bouquet with intense blueberry and marmalade fruit notes through to a clear, refined finish.