Gift of Four Single Origin Coffees

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Gift of Four Single Origin Coffees

This gift of four single origin coffees will make their day.  Four pounds of Weaver's Coffee! The coffees arrive in a luxuriously rich black box with sparkling colored paper filler and a handwritten note card. Please tell us what you want to say and we take care of the rest.

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Sumatra Coffee

Sumatra coffee is superb and captivating. This Sumatran coffee is one of the world's most complex single-origin coffees. Inherent subtle flavors are reminiscent of sweet pipe tobacco, woody-cedar undertones and a warm maple sweetness in the finish. Fair Trade Certified coffee is earthy and smooth with a robust body.

Colombian Coffee

Our Colombian Coffee Micro-lot has a sweet creamy texture, with vanilla notes and a hint of dates in the finish. "Best Colombian Coffee I have tasted in years", said John Weaver. "This Single Origin Coffee is super succulent, full-bodied with bright acidity."

Guatemala Antigua  Coffee

Nestled between three volcanoes, Weaver’s Guatemala Antigua Coffee is nurtured at high altitudes in rich volcanic soil and dense forest.  Premium cacao-rich, arabica Guatemala Coffee.  Lively acidity, a heavy body, and flavors of fine chocolate, caramel, and smoky rum.

Ethiopian Coffee

Drink in the beauty of this coffee's origin.  Our Ethiopian coffee farmers use a unique natural dry-process rather than the typical wet-process used in most equatorial growing regions. The whole coffee cherry is dried in the sun; then the surrounding skin, fruit layer, and parchment shell of each individual seed are removed. This delicious Ethiopian Coffee is sorted using a meticulous screen and density method that produces excellent dry-processed coffee. In the cup, this coffee boasts a deep, mocha bouquet with intense blueberry and marmalade fruit notes through to a clear, refined finish.

A wonderful gift for the coffee lover in your life!