Guatemala Antigua Coffee

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Guatemala Antigua Coffee


Guatemala Antigua Coffee: A Rich and Flavorful Cup of Coffee from the Heart of Central America

Guatemala Antigua Coffee is grown in the Antigua region of Guatemala, which is nestled between three volcanoes. The high altitudes, rich volcanic soil, and dense forest provide the perfect growing conditions for this coffee.

Guatemala Antigua Coffee is made from 100% Arabica beans, which are known for their smooth and flavorful taste. The beans are hand-picked and processed using traditional methods, which helps to preserve the coffee's natural flavors.

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Guatemala Antigua Coffee has a rich body, lively acidity, and notes of fine chocolate, caramel, and smoky rum. It is a complex and flavorful coffee that is sure to please coffee lovers of all levels.  If you are looking for a rich and flavorful cup of coffee, then Guatemala Antigua Coffee is the perfect choice for you. It is sure to become your new favorite coffee!