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Hakrz Coffee 

Open the bag of Hakrz Coffee and inhale the rich, fresh roasted coffee aroma. Since 2015 a percent of sales donated to Black Girls Code.

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Hakrz Coffee blend is made with a process that combines the highest quality arabica coffee beans with 44 years experience of coffee roasting.

Here are the steps involved in our coffee blend process:

  1. We start by taking small batches of different green coffee beans and combine them pre-roast.
  2. We then hand-roast the beans together.
  3. Next, we take single-origin coffees and hand-roast them individually.
  4. Once all of the coffees are hand-roasted, we then hand-blend the roasted coffee beans together.

This combination of steps results in a coffee blend with a clever playfulness and a tantalizing succulent finish.

Our coffee blend owes part of its flavor profile to the Ethiopian Coffee beans that we single-origin roast and then hand-blend into this coffee. These beans create a rich body with an incredible crema that finishes with hints of blueberry.

Our coffee blend is perfect for coffee lovers who appreciate a flavorful cup of coffee.

Here are some of the benefits of our coffee blend:

  • It is made with the highest quality arabica coffee beans.
  • It is roasted with forty-four years of coffee roasting knowledge.
  • It has a flavor profile that is perfect for coffee lovers who appreciate a flavorful cup of coffee.