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Hackers Coffee Crack the Code

We created this delicious and totally mind-blowing coffee as a tribute to hackers, who love their coffee and literally live on coffee. 

Our authentic Hackers Coffee label emulates a computer chip. The beautifully designed coffee bag is just the beginning of your coffee experience. Carefully cut the bag open and breath in the strong balanced coffee as it fills the kitchen with an incredible coffee aroma. Brewing the coffee becomes a daily ritual. Trade in your old coffee for a new delicious hand roasted smooth coffee that will change your life.

Rare, hand-picked arabica coffee beans grown at altitudes as high as 5,000 feet from East Africa, Indonesia, and Latin America are carefully selected for this coffee blend.

Four decades of artisan coffee roasting and coffee addiction created this coffee.

Percentage of sales donated to Black Girls Code.

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We start this artisan coffee by taking small batches of different green coffee beans and combine them pre-roast and then hand-roast them together.  Next, we take single-origin coffees and hand-roast them individually. Once all of the coffees are hand-roasted we then hand-blend the roasted coffee beans together.  This combination of forty years of coffee roasting knowledge, the highest quality Arabica coffee beans, art, and science yields a coffee blend with a clever playfulness and a tantalizing succulent finish.

The uniqueness of Hackers Coffee blend owes part of its flavor profile to the Certified Organic Natural Ethiopian coffee beans that we single-origin roast and then hand-blend into this coffee to create a rich body with an incredible crema that finishes with hints of blueberry. 

If you are a hacker typer, and you love coffee, then this coffee is definitely for you. 

If you are interested in learning more about healthy and beautiful coffee, which starts you up and keeps you moving forward with a clean, smooth flavor profile, then this coffee is for you as well.

Excellent as a drip coffee, pour-over coffee, French Press coffee or pulled as an espresso drink. 

We must let you know that once you drink Hackers Delight Coffee, you will never go back to your old coffee.

We donate a percentage of sales to Black Girls Code to support the engagement, education, and empowerment of women in technology and entrepreneurship around the world.