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Hakerz Delight Coffee

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Hakerz Delight Coffee 

This delicious coffee as a tribute to those who love their java. The beautifully designed coffee bag is just the beginning of your sensory experience. Cut open the coffee bag, breathe in the strong balanced coffee as your kitchen fills with an incredible coffee aroma. Brew this coffee as your new morning ritual. Since 2015, we have donated a percentage of sales of this coffee to Black Girls Code. 

Percentage of sales donated to Black Girls Code.

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Hakerz Delight Coffee blend is made with a unique process that combines the highest quality arabica coffee beans with 44 years experience of coffee roasting.

Here are the steps involved in our coffee blend process:

  1. We start by taking small batches of different green coffee beans and combine them pre-roast.
  2. We then hand-roast the beans together.
  3. Next, we take single-origin coffees and hand-roast them individually.
  4. Once all of the coffees are hand-roasted, we then hand-blend the roasted coffee beans together.

This combination of steps results in a coffee blend with a clever playfulness and a tantalizing succulent finish.

The uniqueness of our coffee blend owes part of its flavor profile to the Ethiopian Coffee beans that we single-origin roast and then hand-blend into this coffee. These beans create a rich body with an incredible crema that finishes with hints of blueberry.

Our coffee blend is perfect for coffee lovers who appreciate a complex and flavorful cup of coffee.

Here are some of the benefits of our coffee blend:

  • It is made with the highest quality arabica coffee beans.
  • It is roasted with forty-four years of coffee roasting knowledge.
  • It has a unique flavor profile that is perfect for coffee lovers who appreciate a complex and flavorful cup of coffee.

If you are looking for a delicious and unique cup of coffee, then our coffee blend is the perfect choice for you.

We donate a percentage of sales to Black Girls Code to support the engagement, education, and empowerment of women in technology and entrepreneurship around the world.