House Coffee Blend

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House Coffee Blend

House Coffee Blend: Premium Coffee at an Incredible Price

House Coffee Blend is a medium-bodied, medium roasted coffee with a balanced hint of citrus liveliness. It is the perfect daily choice for coffee lovers who are looking for an affordable and highly addictive cup of joe.

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House Coffee Blend is made with a blend of high-quality beans from Central and South America. The beans are roasted to perfection to create a smooth, flavorful cup of coffee with a hint of citrus. 

If you are looking for a premium coffee at an incredible price, then House Coffee Blend is the perfect choice for you. Order your bag today and experience the difference!

Our Master Coffee Roaster and his apprentice coffee roasters roast different profiles throughout the day and then hand blend in the best-roasted coffee beans each day.

Created with a unique selection of the world’s most exquisite Latin American and African coffees, this House Coffee Blend is a keeper, smooth, silky a most welcoming blend.