Java Coffee Batavia

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Java Coffee Batavia

Java Coffee Batavia is a coffee grown on the Island of Java. The coffee beans are roasted resulting in a smooth, flavorful cup of coffee. Java Coffee Batavia has a clean, chocolatey flavor with hints of spice.

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Java Coffee Batavia


  • Smooth, flavorful cup of coffee
  • Hints of spice and fruit
  • Grown in Java, Indonesia
  • Hand¬†picked and hand roasted¬†

    Order your Java Coffee Batavia today and experience this delicious coffee for yourself!

    Where is Java Coffee Grown?

    Our Java Coffee is grown by a coffee producer named Tobing. He owns approximately 50 hectares of coffee farms in West Java province. Yearly, the production is about 80-90 tons of green coffee beans from his own coffee estate and neighboring small farmers. 

    The soil on the side of the mountain has many other crops, from potatoes to cacao, that share space with the coffee. The terrain is so steep that even four-wheel-drive vehicles become useless about 3,000 feet, and you move up on foot. Coffee cherries are still brought back down to the collection point via scooter.

    The History of Coffee from the Island of Java

    The first export of green coffee beans was sent from the Island of Java to Europe by the Dutch East India Company and was received at Amsterdam in 1711. The shipment consisted of 894 pounds from the Jakarta plantations and from the interior of the island. At the first public auction, this Java Coffee brought about forty-seven cents per pound. Within 10 years, exports rose to 60 tons per year. Java was the first place, outside of Arabia and Ethiopia, where coffee was widely cultivated. Dutch East India Company monopolized world coffee trading from 1725 to 1780. This coffee is the true Java part of the famous Mocha Java Coffee Blend. It is produced in an area of Western Java in the mountains west of the city of Bandung called Preanger. 

    Coffee does well on certain islands in Indonesia, Sumatra, Sulawesi, and Java. The capital, Batavia (today known as Jakarta) was located on the main island of Java.  Boatloads of sacks of coffee left from Java, and of course the bags were stamped with the word Java so the words Java and Coffee became synonymous.