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Kenya AA Coffee

Kenya AA Coffee: Wild and Bright

Kenya AA coffee is a delicious single-origin coffee as wild and bright as its East African homeland. Our Master Coffee Roaster's very first, and favorite single-origin coffee.  Exclusively Kenya AA coffee beans, this medium-bodied coffee is bold with subtle nuances that flow across the palate from front to back. We roast Medium Dark on this Kenya AA.

Savor its natural progression of flavors from grapefruit,  orange, blackberry, finishing with sublime wine grape, currant flavor.

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Why is Kirinyaga County in Kenya important?

Kirinyaga County in Kenyan grows a coffee which enjoys a celebrated reputation for its bold and distinctive flavor. We choose this coffee because it is the most intense and sophisticated. We have a special fondness for brilliant Kenya coffees with their wine-like acidity and ripe fruit flavors. 

Why is Kenya's Geography Important for Coffee Growing?

Kenya’s geographic location is intersected by the equator creating near-perfect conditions for growing coffee. The warm sun combined with the fertile soil allows the coffee cherry to ripen under the region’s excellent coffee growing conditions. The coffee that we source from Kenya is as wild and bright as its East African Homeland. 

Map of Africa and Kenya

Map courtesy of La Minita Coffee  

How is Coffee Processing Done in Kenya?

Below is an interesting video on coffee processing in Kenya. Learn how the coffee cherry goes from the coffee tree to your morning cup of coffee.