Papua New Guinea Coffee

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Papua New Guinea Coffee

Papua New Guinea Coffee: Full-Bodied, Sweet, and Delicate

Papua New Guinea coffee is a single origin coffee that is grown on the steep slopes of the Waghi Valley. It has a full-bodied, sweet, and delicate flavor with subtle wine overtones and complex, date-like fruit flavors ending with a long, syrup finish. The coffee is grown by seriously cool people.

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When Was Coffee Introduced to Papua New Guinea?

Coffee was first introduced to Papua New Guinea in the late 19th century during British and German colonization. Arabica coffee was introduced from Jamaican seed stock in the 1920s and became commercially viable during the 1950s. Today, close to 95% of the coffee produced in Papua New Guinea is a washed Arabica coffee bean with the other 5% being low grown Robusta. 

Graphics Map of location of Papua New Guinea

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Where is Most of the Coffee Grown in Papua New Guinea?

Most of the coffee in Papua New Guinea is grown in the highlands, where an estimated 87,000 hectares are under cultivation. The coffee is mostly produced by smallholder coffee farmers with under 2.5 hectares of coffee trees in their garden. The mountainous terrain, cultural differences, and historical changes in the infrastructure make it difficult to move coffee from the remote farms to the market. 

Map of Papua New Guinea

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What is the Difference between Papua New Guinea Coffee and Sumatran Coffee?

Papua New Guinea and Sumatra are both coffee-producing regions in Indonesia, but the coffees produced in each region have distinct flavor profiles. Papua New Guinea coffees are typically wet-processed, while Sumatran coffees are typically wet-hulled. This difference in processing methods results in different flavor profiles. Papua New Guinea coffees tend to have a brighter acidity, a medium to full body, and clean fruit and floral notes. Sumatran coffees tend to have a heavier body, a smoother acidity, and earthy, spicy, and woody notes.

What is the Wahgi Valley in Papua New Guinea?

The Wahgi Valley is a fertile valley in the Western Highlands Province of Papua New Guinea. It is home to a large population of coffee farmers, who grow and produce some of the finest coffee in the world. The Wahgi Valley coffee is known for its full, rich body, hints of spice and orange, and a clean, refreshing finish.