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Uganda Coffee

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Uganda Coffee

Uganda coffee farmers hand-pick only the ripest, red coffee cherries which are then dried in the sun. These arabica coffee beans have a yellow buttery color to them and actually smell like cherry and chocolate BEFORE John Weaver hand-roasts the coffee into this stunning single origin coffee.  If you like our Ethiopian Coffee then this Uganda Coffee with be a treat!

Delicious, velvety medium body mouth feel, with ripe fruit flavor notes of cherry, cocoa  and mild lemon, and then a subtle buttery finish.  Medium-bodied and Medium Dark Roast, with bright finish.

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Traditionally, African coffees that take the spotlight in the industry are countries that produce exceptional, bold cups like Ethiopia, Kenya, Tanzania, and Rwanda.

However, Uganda, while regularly overlooked by the typical coffee drinker, has been quietly making its debut in the specialty coffee industry.

More than three million people work in coffee farms in Uganda, with most of the coffee farms being small farms with only about six acres. Most producers use a sun-dried process for their Robusta coffee but there are new attempts to reintroduce wet processing for their coffee.

Mount Elgon is an extinct shield volcano on the border of Uganda and Kenya, north of Kisumu and west of Kitale. The mountain's highest point, named "Wagagai", is located entirely within Uganda Mount Elgon lies in the eastern reaches of the country, straddling the border with Kenya. Judging by its enormous base, it is thought that Mount Elgon was once the tallest mountain in Africa. The coffee shambas extend up and down the cliff faces, making use of natural water gullies and forest cover to extract moisture from the soil. The Sipi Falls are one of the great natural features of the Elgon region where some of our coffee originates, with smallholder farms based between 1,600 and 1,900 meters. It is a steep and difficult terrain to traverse in the rainy seasons—often there are no roads, only dirt tracks that get washed away by the rains.”

We were lucky enough to recently source this Uganda Coffee Natural Red, where each coffee cherry that is hand-picked by coffee farmers is super red ripe and bursting with flavor. When we opened the sack of coffee, we noticed the green coffee beans have a buttery yellow color and beautiful aroma. John Weaver and his apprentice roasters spent time roasting this coffee our entire Roastery smelled delicious.  If you like berry notes in your coffee, this is an amazing coffee. Order Now Very Limited Quantities available of Weaver’s Uganda Coffee Natural Red