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Uganda Coffee

Uganda Coffee: A Delicious, Velvety Medium Roast with Ripe Fruit Flavor Notes

Ugandan coffee farmers hand-pick only the ripest, red coffee cherries, which are then dried in the sun. These Arabica beans have a yellow buttery color and smell like cherry and chocolate before John Weaver hand-roasts them into this stunning single origin coffee.  If you enjoy Ethiopian coffee, you'll love Uganda coffee! It has a delicious, velvety medium body mouthfeel with ripe fruit flavor notes of cherry, cocoa, and mild lemon, and a subtle buttery finish. It's a medium-bodied and medium dark roast with a bright finish.

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Uganda Coffee Natural Red: A Delicious, Fruity Coffee from Africa Uganda is a coffee-producing country that is often overlooked, but its coffee is starting to gain attention from specialty coffee drinkers. This Uganda Coffee Natural Red is a delicious, fruity coffee that is made from hand-picked, ripe coffee cherries. It has a buttery yellow color and a beautiful aroma.   More than three million people work in coffee farms in Uganda, with most of the coffee farms being small farms with only about six acres. Most producers use a sun-dried process for their coffee but there are new attempts to reintroduce wet processing for their coffee.

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