May 18, 2017 2 min read

Sal Bonavita, Original Owner of Peet's Coffee

Who is Sal Bonavita?

We had a visit from Sal Bonavita today; Sal Bonavita is the original owner of Peet’s Coffee. Sal Bonavita purchased Peet's Coffee from Alfred Peet in 1979. One interesting note is that Sal actually hired John Weaver to work for Peet’s Coffee in 1980. During our conversation, Sal mentioned he had a friend over for lunch and they enjoyed a cup of Weaver’s Africa Blend Coffee and could not stop talking about the delicious coffee. What impressed Sal though, was that Weaver's Coffee & Tea, after seventeen years of roasting coffee and exponentially increasing coffee volume, is still able to maintain the quality and consistency. This is not an easy thing to accomplish and is usually the first thing to go when a coffee roaster grows their volume. However, quality, consistency and kindness are what we strive for everyday through our company policy.


Carlos, Sal Bonavita, John Weaver















Carlos Garcia, Sal Bonavita and John Weaver

Photo Credit Renee Brown

There are plenty of coffee roasters in America claiming to be the “Best Coffee”, or mentioning they roast the highest quality arabica coffee beans. We know what we do here at our Coffee Roastery and want thank you for being a part of our crew. We would also like to offer a special thanks to Sal Bonavita for being a driving force in the coffee industry. We would not be here without his trailblazing vision.

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