January 18, 2018 2 min read

What is Reserve Coffee and What Makes it Special?

If you are watching the news or happen to type the words "Reserve Coffee", into Google’s search engine you will find a large coffee company has recently decided to jump on the Reserve Coffee movement. Plenty of people would like to say, welcome to the party, it sure did take you long enough to realize people love to drink really good coffee. I guess the question is how do you make great coffee?

We have been roasting four Reserve Coffee’s: Papua New Guinea Peaberry Reserve Coffee, Kona Reserve Coffee, Jamaica Mountain Blue Reserve Coffee and Peaberry Reserve Coffee for many years. We believe in providing you with quality and consistency, because in the end, it is all about passion and commitment. Our first Reserve Coffee – Kona White Label Reserve was created back in 2009, and has continued to be a top seller.

What is Hand Roasting Coffee?

Hand Roasting coffee is an art that has been cultivated by a master roaster who has stood at the machine for four decades in the case of John Weaver. The master coffee roaster takes into account that each green coffee bean has a different size, shape, color and density: thus each green coffee bean requires a different application of time, temperature and airflow throughout the roast. Only a coffee roaster intimately familiar with the green coffee beans roasting characteristics can bring out the fullness and potential of that specific bean.

Creating a sense of scarcity and tagging on an exotic name may be the new idea of a reserve coffee, but we know it takes more than a slick marketing campaign to make a fabulous cup of reserve coffee. We create our Single Origin Coffee's, Coffee Blends and Reserve Coffee's, with incredible attention to detail thereby ensuring through our everyday intention, that we are providing "cup perfection"