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Costa Rica Tarrazú Coffee

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Vibrant Costa Rican Coffee

Costa Rica Tarrazú Coffee is a remarkable and vibrant Single Origin Coffee from a tropical paradise between the Pacific Ocean and the Caribbean Sea.  Delightful and classic, piquant acidity, with a lively winey flavor which is recognized by coffee drinkers who understand and admire exceptional Costa Rican Coffee flavor profiles.

If you love Costa Rican Coffees, your search is over, this coffee is for you.

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We source our green coffee beans from the Tarrazú Mountains of Costa Rica. The best coffee producers manage two complete wet and dry mills, fed by thirty of their own purchasing/receiving stations, where they buy coffee fruit from over 1,000 farmers each year!  



Coffee is generally traded in the cherry form in Costa Rica, so every afternoon and evening during the harvest the roads are packed with trucks, loaded with freshly picked coffee cherries, traveling from farm to receiving station and receiving station to mill. In the beating heart of the harvest, trucks roll into mills all through the night and into the early morning.


Costa Rica Coffee Farmers Sorting Green Coffee Beans

Based on coffee cherry volumes from these coffee farms they are the second-largest farming operation in Costa Rica.  The focus continues to be on top quality, they are demanding about ripe cherry, meticulous about a clean mill, and uncompromising on cup quality.  Every year they have a wide selection of coffee from small farms and large, from RFA certified producers, especially processed coffees from partner micro-mills and special varietal selections and processes from their own mill. 



Costa Rican coffees are among the world’s best coffees. Dramatic mountain ranges with high elevations steer the ocean breezes and rain clouds, young volcanic soil provides the medium for coffee trees, and dedicated farmers tend their coffee trees and manage the health and harvest of the coffee fruit. We source our greens coffee beans from them because we know we will have quality and consistency and therefore once we receive the bags of green coffee beans and lovingly hand-roast the coffee, the final product, the cup of coffee will be superb.

Tasting Notes

The coffee is well balanced with notes of lush tropical fruit and bittersweet chocolate and a smooth pronounced body.