5 Surprising Ways Coffee makes you More Beautiful

You wake up in the morning to the aromatic scent of your favorite coffee. You feel a little sluggish and can’t wait to take the first sip to finally be able to open your eyes. Most people drink coffee for the instant energy. Some drink it for its flavor. Some love it black, some creamy, some with sugar and some without. No matter how it’s consumed, it is many people’s favorite drink. Coffee isn’t only an energy booster or a delicious drink you look forward to once, twice, or several times a day. Drinking coffee regularly has more benefits than just the obvious ones - It has the power to make you more beautiful!

1-Say hello to luscious hair!

No, drinking more coffee isn’t necessarily going to give you beautiful hair overnight. Although it may seem like it since you will definitely have more energy to spend some time styling it. Brewing the best organic coffee can be used as an all natural coffee hair treatment. Let your coffee cool completely then rinse your hair with it. This will strengthen your hair and keep it bright and shiny. This treatment is mostly recommended for dark hair since it does leave a stain – which is great for grey hair coverage. If you have blonde hair, however, may not be suitable for you.

2- Look amazing!

Since coffee is known to provide an abundant amount of energy, it is a great pre-workout drink. It will boost your energy resulting in a great workout. Drinking organic coffee will leave you looking good and feeling good all at once!

3-Let your skin glow!

Coffee grounds can make a great coffee scrub. 1 cup of coffee grounds, from gourmet coffee beans, mixed with 6 tablespoons of coconut oil and 3 tablespoons of either salt or sugar will make a great exfoliating scrub. Not only will it remove dead it by exfoliating your skin, it will also remove discoloring keep your skin looking youthful. If you’re not a fan of applying such mixtures on your face, simply drinking coffee regularly will help fight free-radicals and protect you against skin cancer since coffee is high in antioxidants.

4- Smile!

Even though coffee has a bad reputation in regards to teeth because of its staining properties, it is actually quite beneficial. Coffee, especially strong, is high in polyphenol. Because polyphenol contains many antioxidants it will fight bacteria and help prevent cavities. Drinking coffee with a straw in this particular case is especially recommended.

5- Be positive!

Not only is coffee great for your physical body, many studies have been conducted to prove that it has a positive effect on your mind and mental health as well. The release of dopamine from drinking coffee will improve your mood and your overall mental health.


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