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Gift of Reserve Coffee - White Label Reserve Coffee - The Trifecta

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Gift of Reserve Coffee.  The perfect gift of our three White Label Reserve Coffees.  This is the gift for that extra special someone in your life.  Incredible arabica coffee beans have been lovingly hand roasted by our Master Roaster, John Weaver. Small-lot precision coffee roasting allows him to delicately draw out their unique aromas and flavors.  Balanced Beauty!

Kona Reserve Coffee (8 oz)

Single Origin Coffee - "Aloha E Komo Mai!" Our very first White-Label Reserve:  Our Kona Reserve Coffee is made of only 100% pure, top-grade extra fancy Kona coffee beans. "Extra Fancy" is a classification system used by the State of Hawaii to regulate bean size/quality and represents the highest grade that Hawaiian farms produce.

Our Master Roaster delicately roasts these special beans so they realize their optimum flavor.  Medium-bodied with a sweet finish.

Jamaica Mountain Blue Coffee (8 oz)

Single Origin Coffee - Jamaica Mountain Blue Coffee is grown between Kingston and Port Antonio.  Jamaica Blue Mountain coffees are only grown at the highest elevations where the environment is ideal for coffee.

Our Certified, 100% pure Jamaica Blue Mountain No. 1 is made using the largest, premium quality beans which produce mild, yet lush and sweet, floral notes in the cup.

Peaberry Reserve Coffee (8 oz)

Peaberry Coffee is a rare form of coffee where the fruit yields only a single, oval-shaped seed. Because of their unique shape, these peaberry coffee beans require both special handling and roasting.

Made using 100% Peaberry Coffee from Tanzania blended with a rare, aged Sumatra Peaberry Coffee. This exotic reserve coffee has flavors of dark liquor, spice and syrup with a complex finish.



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